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The internet loves me

Posted on: June 26, 2009

Okay, I think that last post got all the depressing, gushy stuff out of my system. In the immortal words of that weird Apollo dude on Star Trek: “NO SAD FACES!!” Yesterday was a historic day for reasons other than people dying. Why? Because Wil Wheaton fucking replied to me on Twitter, bitches. Lookie:


That’s right, I’ve exchanged Simpsons quotes with a Star Trek actor over a website on which my username is derived from a D&D-related internet meme. I have truly arrived in the Land of Geek. It is less basement-like than I had been led to believe, though it does reek slightly of melted solder.

I also learned that random-ass motherfuckers will follow you in a heartbeat if they see your name on a famous person’s Twitter feed. If any of the, like, two of you who read this blog decide to follow me please let me know you saw me here, because otherwise I will assume you’re just some crazy person who wants to rape me and sell me a timeshare, not necessarily in that order. You’d be a pretty bad salesman if you tried to make your pitch after the rape.

Speaking of the two people who read my blog, DJ D gave me an award! He actually gave it to me nearly a month ago, but since I am a bad blog friend I did not know this until he told me on Facebook some 30 minutes ago. Quoth the DJ:

I randomly stumbled across her blog last year while at work and sat in the corner quietly shaking with the church giggles as I read her assessment of Babysitter Club books.

“Shaking with the church giggles” was not previously part of my phrasebook, but it totally is now. Few people are better at prodding me to write than DJ D, with his incredible Jewish mother guilt trip powers. (This is a good thing – there is no better motivator, for a writer, than knowing someone really would like you to please hurry up and write something already. Unless that someone is a professor.) You should go check out his blog, and all the other awesome people he gave awards to, most of whom will definitely be on my blogroll just as soon as I finally get around to making one. You can expect that around the time people stop making crackpot end of the world predictions involving Nostradamus (translation: holding your breath is not recommended).

3 Responses to "The internet loves me"

Wow. Speaking of awards, you’re about 1 Klingon dictionary away from winning the Geek of the Year Award. I suddenly don’t feel so bad about once owning over 2,500 comic books. I sold most of them off years ago, but the collection’s building back up. I’m probably pushing 1,000 now, so I’ve really got nothing bad to say to you. We’re all geeks in our own ways.

I will say, my Jewish mother guilt powers didn’t come easy. Being from the South and having been raised holy-roller Pentecostal, I had to work at them. I didn’t exactly grow up in the type of household where I heard things like, “Oy vey, eat your vegetables! Oh, these kids today! Again with the loud music!”

It was more like, “Finish that fried chicken and
get right with God or there will be fire and brimstone and damnation to pay…Praise Jesus!”

But we all do what we can. As long as you’re writing, that’s all that matters.

LOL that was totally my childhood too. “Let us praise the Lord, but first, let us eat beans soaked in ham juice, for it is good.”

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